Nintendo Is Out To Replicate ‘Pokemon Go’ Madness With The Mobile Exclusive ‘Animal Crossing: Camping’

After teasing a mobile release of one of their most beloved titles for nearly a year, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct event late Tuesday night to finally, finally, finally reveal the next long-awaited entry into their Animal Crossing series: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

In Pocket Camp, Nintendo is looking to build upon the moderate success of their flash in the pan Miitomo by expanding on the home-building and favor-doing loveliness of the AC universe. Just about everything in the game looks like it’s one-upping previous entries in the series while keeping what made them great — collecting fish and bugs, mining, and decorating your home and hanging out with friends.

Because it’s a iOS/Android game, it does seem like there will be a grind when it comes to gathering materials and items to make your campsite one your friends will want to hang out at, and of course, there will be micro-transactions.

“Leaf Tickets” will speed up the process of material gathering or building out the decorations in your camper, which will act as your traditional house. Tom Nook has always been out to get our bells, but now he’s after our actual hard-earned cash. Considering the game will likely be free, this was expected.

There’s no exact release date, but Nintendo says you’ll be able to set up your camp and visit with friends late November.