How To Beat ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ With Only A Magikarp

Pokemon Sun And Moon released on November 18th, so the inevitable has occurred. Someone beat the game with a Magikarp. Just as a Magikarp is the prankster’s choice du jour for guarding the nearest creepy shed operating as your local Pokemon Go gym, the seemingly-useless, googly-eyed limp fish was Nakano‘s champion in beating Sun And Moon.

“I made it to the hall of fame in Pokemon Sun And Moon just using a Magikarp I caught! I’m having sushi for dinner tonight!”

Nakano named the Magikarp “Yashoku” (which means dinner) and used an ingenious method for beating opponents with this ridiculous pokemonster, as explained by VG24/7:

The Magikarp in question only uses the move Flail, and has been prevented from evolving into Gyarados with an Everstone. […] In tough battles, the trainer would just keep healing Magikarp until the opponent’s Pokemon ran out of PP, which left them with Struggle — a move which damages the user as well as the target. When battling Ghost-type Pokemon, which are immune to the Normal-type damage of Flail, Magikarp itself would use Struggle to win out. Somehow, these strategies got a lone Magikarp through every major battle in Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Magikarp is the best like no one ever was.

(Via VG24/7 and Rocket News)