The ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Zombie Mode Trailer Puts Zombies On The Titanic

Call Of Duty‘s zombie mode has always been campy. Nazi zombies, noir zombies, ’80s zombies, you name it, there’s nothing they won’t turn into a pulpy festival of blowing open the skulls of the undead. But the trailer for this year’s mode takes the cake in the camp department, because this time the zombies are coming to the Titanic.

This trailer, which shows a little gameplay but mostly details the story, is hilarious in how all-out it goes. Zombies on the Titanic, time travel, Egyptian gods, zombie tigers, and lines like “I looked into the abyss, and it gave me a gun.” That said, what little we do see of the game looks pretty fun, including a two-fisted shotgun and sword combo, a bunch of magical weapons to get rid of the worst undead, and some gnarly close quarters combat. Fighting zombies in steerage means lots of melee, shotguns, and probably a few times of the whole party getting eaten.

In general that appears to be the main theme. Even the gladiatorial ring we see (and yes, they go back in time) feels a bit tight. Not that we’re complaining, the better to kill waves of undead. But we’ll just have to see how close you have to get to do it October 12.