The ‘Call Of Duty: WW2’ Developers Say The Nazi Zombies Mode Is Gritty, Realistic, And The Scariest Ever

08.06.17 8 months ago 4 Comments

At this point in time, the Call of Duty franchise is an institution. It’s a piece of entertainment that’s in just about every household. Gamers that grew up on the Medal of Honor series graduated to CoD on the PC in 2003, and since then, they’ve grown up with the ever-evolving series that’s had its massive share of ups, and lately, quite a few downs.

The last half-decade or so of CoD games have felt lifeless — just a product, rather than a massive experience gamers felt compelled to partake in. But with CoD: WW2, there’s a different vibe in the air. Sledgehammer Games seems like they’re going all-out to fight back against the immense popularity of Battlefield 1 and the crowded field of competition. Perhaps it’s because of the pushback against the space-faring CoD, or the overpriced remasters, but going back to the WW2 setting feels right. This whole lead up to CoD: WW2 feels like it’s for the fans. You can look no further than how they’re treating the innovations in the multiplayer, to everyone’s lumbering darling, Nazi Zombies mode.

Gamespot spoke with creative director Cameron Dayton and development director John Horsley about what fans can expect from the Nazi Zombies. So far, most details have been kept under wraps, and while this could be pre-release hype, knowing that they’re going all out, getting David Tennant (and adding some Doctor Who references) leads us to believe that this gory alt-history mode is being lovingly crafted. It’s worth getting excited over. That, and the horror.

“The gritty realism is that you’re in a world where you can see the texture of the wood and the nails and the brick and mortar around you; when something crawls out of the dirt right in front of you, then it’s a little more frightening.”

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