‘Call Of Duty: WW2’ Gets A Gory, Action-Packed Trailer At E3 2017

Activision promised that Call of Duty: WW2 would be getting a closer look at E3 2017, and they delivered with an action-packed trailer that seems to be embracing gore to a level we’ve never seen out of CoD. Much like the plethora of marketing and behind-the-scenes looks fans have enjoyed over the last few weeks, the trailer is focusing on the first true look at the multiplayer maps as soldiers land at Normandy and fight through the Ardennes.

What fans didn’t get to see, which we’re sure to hear more about, is a look at Nazi Zombies. Of course, many of the locations in the trailer will probably end up as multiplayer maps, but it’s clear that Sledgehammer Games is really pushing this entire package as their best ever, and possibly the most gruesome ever when it drops on November 3rd.

Just look at that bayonet thrust! Look at the Nazi getting his leg blown off! Look at the level destruction! And what’s with the gas masks?

With the promise of an increased amount of teamwork and a new focus on realistic gore, it seems like Call of Duty is pulling out all the stops to get fans back after a few down years. They’re checking off all the boxes, now we need to know how this feels, and how it will play. Is it still the blazing fast CoD we know and love? It seems that way, but how will it handle the War Game mode that looks like we’ll be pushing payloads across the Western Front?

So many questions, and all that proves is that this is the most important CoD in many, many years.