With A Weird Trick, A Three-Hour ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Zombies Session Produced A Huge Kill Count

With the average human attention span less than that of a goldfish, focusing on butchering zombies for over three hours seems like a tough task for a gamer hopped up on energy drinks and body spray. But, every once in a while history is made by an outlier. A pro. A gamer who can handle the nearly incomprehensible pressure of trying to set a world record in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombie mode with only a single life.

So, focusing intently for three hours while using a clever exploit is exactly what streamer Patrick “TheSmithPlays” Smith did. He holed up in a corner of the Die Rise map, then created the craftable gun called “The Sliquifier” which will send zeds slipping and sliding all over the place. Smith’s strategy was to hole up in a section of the map that would allow him stay safe, surrounded by claymore mines, while the hoards of undead tripped over themselves as the Sliquifier did its messy work.

In the end, 10,364 zombies were killed via Doom Slip (my phrase) from rounds 17 to 74, but in the end, Smith only ended up at number six on the leaderboard. Hours of work, over ten thousand zombies dead, and he still couldn’t say he was the best. It’s a hell of a watch, though!

(Via Kotaku)