All Signs Point To A ‘Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered’ Stand-Alone Release This Summer

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05.31.17 2 Comments


The biggest blunder in modern gaming was packaging one of the greatest shooters of all-time — Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfareinside of an expensive-as-hell edition of a game almost universally reviled by gamers — Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Not only was this re-release (that’s technically perfect and well-made) forcing you to buy Infinite Warfare (at an inflated price!), but you have to spend at least $80 to do it, and on top of that, Activision charges an extra $15 on a map pack full of levels that were in the original release for free. It’s infuriating and can be looked at as one of the worst things about gaming, but I digress.

Now, as we head into the doldrums of summer, Activision has a welcome trick up its sleeve: A full stand-alone release of the re-release. So in other words, they’re re-releasing the re-release, and the release date is allegedly June 20th for PS4, and the end of July for Xbox One, according to Charlie Intel’s discovery on Amazon Japan:

Charlie Intel

As a few astute commenters have pointed out — 7,776 yen is roughly equivalent to $70. So, this probably means it’s the full Remastered COD with all of the DLC that’s been released since lost. A definitive version of the re-release, if you will. A definitive version of the remastered re-release bundled for one more release. I’m lost.

To add to the evidence, Charlie Intel reported that Germany’s Amazon also listed the MW:4 Remastered edition as a stand alone on June 23rd, so where there is smoke, there’s fire, and now we won’t have to spend $80 to play Backlot as it was always meant to be, just a few bucks cheaper. If only this was $30 or so, most gamers would have no problem buying it again. Activision gonna Activision!

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