A New Conan Game May Allow Players To Castrate Other Players

Is there ever a moment when video games are too cruel? Players have, over the years, murdered countless Nazis, flung people and animals to their doom, and teabagged countless noobs, but there’s finally a new frontier in digital human rights violations and bad taste: Conan Exiles wants to let players castrate each other.

Already noted for its giant naked men, the Conan Exiles development team is reportedly considering letting you issue the unkindest cut, according to an AMA they did over the weekend:

In addition we really want you to be able to harvest the heads of your foes and stick them on spikes outside and around your bases. Maybe even at some point…castration.

While amateur testicle removal, not to mention collecting the heads of your fallen enemies, may seem just a bit excessive, it would actually be faithful to the Conan novels. People get their nards removed a lot in the original stories, so going around Bobbiting your enemies isn’t really out of theme.

On the other hand, it’s also hard to see how Microsoft would take castrating your opponent as Conan Exiles will be headed to the Xbox One, so this feature may be cut off before it can finish. Although if it stops teabagging during multiplayer, it may be worth it, especially if you can do it to your own team. We’ll teach you to cover the flank instead of showboating once and for all, BellEnd420!

(via Kotaku)