‘Fallout 4’ Mods Are Coming To Consoles Soon, And This Is How They’re Going To Work

The ability to create your own mods has been a standard feature of PC RPGs and open-world games forever, but that freedom has almost never extended to console games. That ends with Fallout 4, which is bringing the crazy world of PC mods to the Xbox One and PS4. But wait, how’s this all going to work? Consoles are closed systems that don’t let you dig around in a game’s assets or code, and Microsoft and Sony aren’t going to make an exception for Fallout. Well, Bethesda has released a new trailer that explains it all.

Bethesda is releasing a Creation Kit for PCs, that lets you (relatively) easily delve into Fallout 4 and create your own items, characters, enemies and quests without actually having to know code. Once a mod is made, it can be uploaded to Bethesda.net, and made available for Xbox One and PS4 players. When Bethesda officially turns on mods for the console versions of Fallout 4, you’ll be able to easily search and download them right from the game’s main menu. So yes, even if you’re playing on a console, Macho Man Deathclaws, stylish cell-shaded makeovers and the ability to play as Dogmeat will soon be at your fingertips.

If you’re playing Fallout 4 on PC, you can download a beta version of the Creation Kit right now. Meanwhile, mods will arrive on the Xbox One in May and PS4 in June, so start planning your crazy creations now.

via Kotaku