Official ‘Fallout 4’ Mod Support Is Coming To Both The PC And Consoles In The Near Future

Fallout 4 has already seen its fair share of mods on the PC, including ones that give the game spiffy cell-shaded graphics and introduce Macho Man Randy Savage deathclaws, but these mods aren’t officially supported or endorsed by Bethesda. They were done by hacking into the game’s code the old-fashioned way, which is something beyond the technical capabilities/patience of most people.

Well, thankfully Bethesda has promised to open up modding to everybody with official tools that will make messing with the game a relatively stress-free process. Even better, these tools will be available for the Xbox One and PS4. Publishers supporting mods on consoles is almost unheard of, but Bethesda has really been trying to give PC and console gamers similar experiences. You won’t have to wait too long for official mod support, either – according to Fallout 4 producer Todd Howard, mod support is coming to PC in April, Xbox One in May and PS4 in June.

Howard also discussed the major revamp to Survival Mode that’s in the works. The Survival Mode currently in Fallout 4 jacks up enemy difficulty to extreme levels, but otherwise doesn’t change the game much. The new Survival Mode will eliminate fast travel, only let you save when you sleep, introduce a variety of diseases and make combat more realistic. According to Howard, the new Survival Mode is “the most fun he’s had playing Fallout.” The redone Survival Mode will be going up on Steam Beta “soon” and once the kinks are worked out, it will officially be released for PC and consoles for free.

So yeah, even if you don’t pony up for any of the rad-looking DLC, there’s still plenty of fun stuff on the way for Fallout 4. It seems like this game won’t be loosening its radioactive grip on us any time soon.

(Via Game Informer)