‘Far Cry 6’ Got An Explosive Cinematic Trailer At Ubisoft Forward

There may be no E3 this year, but that didn’t stop Ubisoft from putting on a summer presentation to show off some of their biggest titles and give gamers a taste of what’s on the horizon for the developer giant. While Ubisoft played it pretty straight and released mainly games that were expected, there was one title that was supposed to be a surprise announcement that got spoiled a few days before the show.

Far Cry 6 leaked earlier in the week when the game was listed on the Playstation Network Store ahead of the Ubisoft event erasing any surprise that the game was going to be announced on Sunday. Ubisoft decided to just roll with the punches and gave fans a teaser to be excited about. So while we all knew Far Cry 6 was coming there was still the excitement of what it could be about and what they had to show.

Known for exciting and bombastic trailers, the video that was shared on Sunday led off with a credits sequence that felt straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster: Giancarlo Esposito hands a young child a live grenade, takes him to the roof of a building to watch a riot and gives a lengthy speech.

It was very clear that none of it was actual gameplay, it was still the exact kind of teaser to get you excited about what Far Cry 6 has to offer. Immediate questions pop into your head. Who is this child? Are you going to play as him? Is he the actual villain of the game, or is the president of this country people are clearly upset with going to be the true villain of the game? What is it that everyone is so angry about, anyway?

You can also see just looking at the cinematic that this location might be a more concrete setting which is not the norm for the franchise. Usually, these games take place in very remote locations like jungles or flatlands. If they stick to this setting then we might get gunfights across rooftops and alleyway escapes with vehicles. Of course, this could just be one area in an otherwise huge world that still fits more into the non-urban settings that Far Cry is known for. We’ll know more about the game once we see some gameplay details, and with another Ubisoft Forward event announced for later in the year, perhaps we’ll find out sooner rather than later.