Ubisoft Revealed ‘Far Cry 6’ Will Feature Giancarlo Esposito Ahead Of Its ‘Ubisoft Forward’ Event

Gus Fring isn’t popping up in the Far Cry universe, but Giancarlo Esposito certainly is, according to a teaser trailer revealed by Ubisoft after a listing for Far Cry 6 was leaked online. Ubisoft’s weekend event got a bit more interesting on Friday when a listing for Far Cry 6 popped up online featuring the unmistakable likeness of Breaking Bad alum Giancarlo Esposito.


Shortly after the screenshots leaked, Ubisoft playfully acknowledged that Esposito will, indeed, be part of a new game by sharing a tweet with his digitized self lighting a cigar and exhaling.

“Anton would not be pleased,” the tweet from Ubisoft UK read. “See you on Sunday at #UbiForward.”

The tweet advertised Ubisoft Forward, its July 12 event that will shed new light on the next Far Cry and, presumably, some other titles coming in the next few months. Esposito is certainly an exciting addition to the game, likely as a villain. As pointed out in the screenshots, he’s apparently a dictator of Yara, “a tropical paradise frozen in time.” The character, Anton Castillo, will have to deal with a player-controlled guerilla fighter named Dani Rojas, according to Engadget.

The leak also suggested a February 18, 2021 release date, but we’ll see on Sunday if that’s what we should expect on this side of the pond as well.