The Poorly-Received ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ RPG Has Been Re-Released For Free

02.12.16 3 years ago

Scott Cawthon

Carrying on a proud series tradition, the latest Five Nights at Freddy’s game was released well before its scheduled released date, but unfortunately this time the “surprise” release strategy backfired. FNaF World, an RPG that trades in jump scares for turn-based battles, was released in an unfinished state. The graphics were rough (even by Freddy’s standards), menus were missing or lacking information, and ultimately Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon apologized and pulled the game from Steam.

Well, now the game’s back, and you can play it for free. According to the game’s page on Game Jolt (FNaF World has yet to return to Steam), the game now has a “remodeled overworld” and other new features, including an improved interface and menus. Cawthon has promised more updates are to come.

Reviews left by Freddy’s fanatics on Game Jolt have been overwhelmingly positive, but the response to this update from more objective reviewers still isn’t terribly upbeat. Most of the blatant missing features have been fixed, but the game still doesn’t run great, and by some accounts, just isn’t a particularly good RPG.

But hey, you needn’t bother with other people’s opinions – you can make up your own mind. The game is free after all, so what do you have to lose? You can download the latest version of FNaF World right here.

(via Polygon & Kotaku)

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