You’ll Be Able To Play As Link And Wield The Master Sword In The Nintendo Switch Version Of ‘Skyrim’

The original Nintendo Switch commercials showed off Skyrim on the coveted portable device, but no one saw this coming. When Skyrim launches on Switch, you’ll be able to use your Link Amiibo to manifest a chest which will contain Link’s Master Sword, and possibly a bunch of gear that looks ripped straight out of Legend of Zelda. Fantasy worlds are colliding, people.

Considering this is the third time Skyrim has been released, Nintendo and Bethesda had to do a little something extra. They also had to make sure the first Elder Scrolls game on a Nintendo console got a nod to fans. This is clearly what they came up with, and this author accepts it with all his heart. The role-playing possibilities alone make this worthwhile. Is Hyrule in the Elder Scrolls universe? Is it a hop, skip and a jump through an interdimensional portal away?

Let’s look at the reveal again in glorious .gif form!

Now, whether that’s Link in the trailer, or just a created character that looks just like Link isn’t yet confirmed. But yes, I will go back to Skyrim as Link. Let’s do this. Who doesn’t want to kill some crabs with the most powerful weapon in all of gaming?