The Internet’s Reactions To The Nintendo Switch Are Better Than The Console Itself

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Nintendo’s next console has been announced. And like anything, the wider internet has a few opinions on it, ranging from pure excitement to some serious questions about Nintendo’s idea of gamers.

The Switch was introduced as a flexible, portable gaming console which you could play on your TV, grab it off the dock and play outside, and take it to a pick-up basketball game where you can play real basketball and then video game basketball after (in case you just can’t get enough). As a gaming console, it’s pretty amazing. Then again, you’re also expected to take the idea that young urban hipsters want nothing more than to play Mario Kart on the go, which is a bit of a stretch. Still, the reaction has been, overwhelmingly positive, if affectionately teasing.

Wii U fans, however, are just a wee bit bitter about Nintendo abandoning their console so soon:

And others are a bit skeptical of Nintendo’s perception of its core audience.

Not everyone, however, is impressed with the Switch:

The Switch even uncovered the precognitive powers of a Twitter user, because fifteen minutes after he tweeted this…

…it arrived.

If you were wondering about the music in the announcement, by the way, the song is Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) by White Denim

Finally, we end with the important question about the Switch nobody is asking.

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