A ‘Magic The Gathering’ Pro Voiced His Support For Hong Kong Protesters After A Win

While the relationship between the NBA and Chinese interests was put into new light in recent weeks a similar process was happening in the professional gaming industry. Daryl Morey sparked controversy in China when he tweeted support for protests in Hong Kong, and others in gaming have voiced their own support and likewise causing an uproar as a result.

Blizzard is dealing with its own crisis after gamers an workers alike were upset about a decision to ban a gamer for protesting at events, causing other college competitors to do the same. And now a digital Magic the Gathering gamer has publicly supported Hong Kong protesters at a pro event.

In a postgame interview over the weekend, Lee Shi Tian voiced his support for Hong Kong protesters and commented on how thankful it feels to play as a “free man.”

“Life has been very tough in my hometown in Hong Kong,” Lee said after a win in the Mythic Championship V event in Long Beach, California, referring to his friends and family still living there. As the interview continued about his win and how he felt about getting into the Top 8 at the event, Lee continued to steer the conversation back to Hong Kong.

“It feels so good to play as a free man,” he said.

As Ars Technica pointed out, the pro gamer is very passionate about his support. He played wearing a red scarf over his face and has said he does so because others have to wear masks while protesting in Hong Kong. He also reportedly covered an eye as he made his entrance on stage at the tournament, apparently a sign of support for a nurse who was hit in the eye during a protest.

[via Ars Technica]