McDonald’s Is Turning Happy Meal Boxes Into VR Goggles

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Virtual Reality advocates are arguing that now is the technology’s time, that we will finally see the VR revolution. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t, there’s reason to be skeptical. But McDonald’s is going to get in on the hype while they can.

Hence, Happy Goggles! McDonald’s Swedish arm is printing Happy Meal boxes that come with cutouts and a lens pack. Tear along the perforations, pop out the cut outs, fold the box, slide in a lens assembly and your phone, and you’ve got a reasonably cheap virtual reality headset. If this concept sounds familiar, it’s a fairly common idea; Google did the same thing with Google Cardboard. But it’s interesting that McDonald’s has decided to do it on such a large scale, and with their most iconic product. Although we have to wonder how long it’s going to take people to make “Happy Goggles” jokes.

There will be, of course, apps to go with your Happy Goggles, because no company turns down a golden marketing opportunity. For now, sadly, this appears to only be available in Sweden, but it may expand to other markets if it catches on. And that makes it the second most yearned-for foreign McDonald’s product because, come on, if you had to choose between Happy Goggles and the Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry, no contest.

(Via Nerdist)

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