Microsoft Has Officially Stopped Selling The Original Xbox One Ahead Of The Xbox One X’s Release

Several outlets are reporting that Microsoft has quietly brought the original Xbox One to an end outside of selling refurbished versions of the console. The move comes ahead of the release of the Xbox One X on November 7, being heralded as the “most powerful console ever” by Microsoft and the next step up from the original. While fans can still purchase the Xbox One S, the original that would’ve been more affordable now with the updated console seems to disappearing from store shelves and is no longer appearing on Microsoft’s official page.

As The Verge reports, the smaller version of the console addressed criticism of the original and brought a sleeker design that distanced it from the old VCR look sported by the first Xbox One. While still a far cry from the gigantism of the original Xbox and the Red Ring curse of the original Xbox 360, it still wasn’t entirely popular.

It’s not all horrible news, of course. Folks seem to be ready for the Xbox One X, with it selling out on Amazon in its first 25 minutes and claiming it’s Project Scorpio edition was pre-ordered more than any previous Xbox console according to The Verge. Also the Xbox One S is a far more affordable option compared to the $500 X, with Microsoft offering several bundles under $300 that include up to 3 free games — though know that one of those free games comes from a likely not ideal pool of 4 games.

So even if you want a new Xbox and don’t want to shell out $200 for a refurbished Xbox One, things are looking solid. The S is now the introductory system, while the X is that high-end machine aimed at the hardcore. It’s either a great deal or it’s a sly way to keep a console rolling at its same price without the typical drop for the holidays.

(Via The Verge / Engadget)