It Looks Like Rockstar Games Might Officially Be Teasing A New ‘Red Dead’ Release (Finally)

It’s been over six years since Rockstar released what many consider to be their best game — Red Dead Redemption. The outlaw tale of revenge (and redemption, duh) set in the old west was beloved by fans and is still a best-seller today. The single player campaign was sprawling and memorable, while the multiplayer laid the groundwork for Rockstar’s future releases. It’s an iconic title. The game is so loved, in fact, that rumors and wishes of a remaster or sequel have been swirling for years. Now, we’ve gotten yet another clue after a leaked map and hints from the devs.

Today, Rockstar changed their social media accounts to a very Red Dead look. This looks like it belongs to a Red Dead game, right?

Let’s dive a little too much into this. Obviously, it’s red, the color scheme that’s been embraced so appropriately by a game that has “red” in its title. But the Rockstar outline is also faded as if it’s old-timey. Like the turn of the 19th century. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the bottom line is that we know for a fact that it’s a matter of when, not if a new Red Dead would come out. Now, we just need to wait on the edge of our seats and play liar’s dice until we find out if it’s a remaster (please no) or a brand new game (please yes).

(Via Gamespot)