‘Resident Evil 7’ Will Reintroduce A Series Regular For Its ‘Not A Hero’ DLC

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers for Resident Evil 7 that may have already been shared with you via Capcom’s official Twitter feed. If you haven’t played the game, go do it now.

Resident Evil 7 is a return to glory for the classic survival horror series. The addition of a first person element had many calling it an imitation of other similar horror games on the market, but it soon took its own unique spot upon release — aided by its use of VR to enhance the scares.

That said, the game didn’t have much to do with the first six games in the series. The story was fresh while retaining little nods and references to the previous games, ramping up to a reveal in the end that tied it all together. Everything from here is a spoiler, so do read at your own risk:

After you’ve faced with the monstrosity at the end of the game, the military shows up to give some help and you’re greeted by a soldier named “Redfield.” Once the evil is put to bed, everybody gets on the helicopter and flies to safety, only revealing the Umbrella Corporation logo at the very end. It feels like a reboot in a way, but the game’s first batch of DLC is aiming to explain why that’s not the case.

The free “Not A Hero” DLC will arrive this spring according to the official Resident Evil twitter account — spoiling the game for fans right there in broad daylight — and will explain how “Redfield” is actually Chris Redfield and why he was working with Umbrella at the conclusion of the game. According to Polygon, there are some who aren’t very sure that the “Redfield” we’re seeing in the conclusion of the game is the hero we’ve come to know throughout the series.

All will be explained once the DLC is released apparently, so you have some time to speculate or catch up on the game itself before it arrives.