Will The Sega And Atari Mini-Consoles Be Proper Competition For The NES Classic?

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06.11.17 5 Comments

While mini-consoles filled with classic games are nothing new, Nintendo’s NES Classic raised the stakes with it’s short-lived release that bet on nostalgia and won. The company made an impact at the holidays with the mini-version of their classic console, preloaded with 30 games, a controller, and HD support for $60. It did well, almost too well, and then Nintendo decided to end production. There are rumors that a mini-SNES Classic is on the way, which would be amazing, but there are also other options out there if you’re interested.

AtGames has created several Genesis and Atari consoles in the past to mixed reviews, with some of the emulation leaving gamers wanting more and the peripherals not working at all times. Essentially, if you look back at the past few years of releases from the company, you can see that AtGames has released a similar package featuring infrared wireless controllers and a system that uses component cables for video. It’s fine for some, but the NES Classic proved you can do so much more.

That’s why many outlets are excited about the prospect of an updated pair of systems that could possibly rival the Nintendo products in quality. While the emulation is up in the air until the consoles are released, the Sega and Atari Flashback consoles for 2017 are bringing some welcome changes according to Polygon.

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