‘Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Has A Stage Builder Now And The Results Are Amazing


Smash Bros. Ultimate is everyone’s favorite Switch fighting game that is full of obscure Nintendo lore. It’s also one of the games that has a ton of replay value as you unlock various characters and square off against your friends.

The latest update to the game, which was released in December, adds a DLC fighter — Joker from the Persona series. But perhaps more exciting is the level maker that’s now in the game. Similar to Nintendo’s Mario Maker game, this adds a huge world of exploration for fans dedicated enough to create some weird art in a video game.

Fans of the fighting series are used to the game having a stage builder, and they were certainly ready for this update. In the days since the update, there have been a ton of great designs and unique levels using the game’s tools. But there are also some great visual pieces, jokes, and other weird bits that have made the update a whole mess of fun.

For starters, you can pet a dog.

The way to draw is actually pretty easy: Drawing something freehand can become an object the fighters can walk on as long as you close the loop. And there are a lot of fun things you can do with it that look like other objects in real life. This DVD screensaver, for example, is hilarious.

As The Verge points out, Nintendo tried to make it so you couldn’t just fill a stage with a bunch of dicks. You know, the obvious thing that everyone would put in a video game.

But the detection isn’t perfect, and some of them are actually artfully done.

Some of the stages don’t even have dongs in them, I swear. This ode to Hank Hill from King of the Hill, for example, is incredible.

Also a winner? This Aqua Teen Hunger Force banger.

A lot of memes got some run, actually.

You can really make anything, and people certainly are going to explore the space by recreating some favorite scenes from games.

This is a nice gesture, too.

Some have even brought back some features from past Smash games that didn’t make it to this version.

If you haven’t given Smash any attention in a good while, you’re certainly missing out on a lot of designs and some really fun new stage. As a number of people have pointed out, this is far more fun than playing with a new fighter.