You Can Already Add ‘Super Mario Odyssey’s Hat Powers To ‘Super Mario 64’

Earlier this week we saw the first trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, which introduced a unique ability of Mario’s hat. It can be thrown to collect coins or to take control of other characters. That latter ability gave Twitter an existential crisis, with people pondering deep questions like “What if Mario is just the hat?” and “Are we even human or just the Mario hat experiencing itself?

You can distract yourself from the hat’s terrifying implications by playing with this N64 mod, which ports the Super Mario Odyssey hat powers into Super Mario 64. Well. That was fast.

The mod was programmed by Kaze Emanuar, who says, “I can’t buy a switch, but I can assembly code, so it doesn’t matter.” The hat powerup is employed using the L button, and you can see some of the interesting applications thereof in the video above. My personal favorite is making the Big Bully facedive into lava, but my favorite would have been taking control of the big blue penguin if Mario had made that lazy avian slowpoke waddle off the ledge into a cathartically icey demise, his flightless wings flapping with futility. I hate that penguin so much.

You can snag a copy of the mod here, but it’s mediafire, so caveat downloader and all that.

(Via Kaze Emanuar and Kotaku)