‘The Last Guardian’ Has A Short, Hopefully Final, Delay

The Last Guardian has seemed, at times, like it was never coming out. First announced in 2009, the game has suffered through its creative lead quitting Sony, fans going through the five stages of grief, and more before finally coming up with a release date. And, now, just for old times’ sake, apparently, Sony has handed in another delay.

Originally conceived by Fumito Ueda, The Last Guardian is a thematic sequel to his classic games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Much like those two games, The Last Guardian has an unconventional mechanic where players have to build a relationship with a giant chimera to solve puzzles and, likely, cry your eyes out at the ending because we all know it’s going to die in the finale. The good news, according to The Verge, is that it’s a short one. The Last Guardian has been moved from October to December 6 to give the team behind it a little more time to polish it up and squash the bugs that have been popping up. Keep in mind, this is an absurdly complex game that was originally coded for the PlayStation 3, so there are going to be a few bumps and bruises as it crosses the finish line eight years later. We’ll see what Ueda has in store for us December 6.

(via The Verge)