Sony Just Won’t Let ‘The Last Guardian’ Go

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08.22.13 11 Comments


We’ve all got projects that have been waiting for us to find the time and energy to get to them. Sanding down a table, maybe, or finally fixing that engine sitting in the garage. For Sony that’s apparently the category The Last Guardian falls into.

Fumito Ueda was interviewed about Ico and Shadow of The Colossus this week, as they’re free on PlayStation Plus. He’s a bit ambivalent about his games being given away, but he’s a good sport during the interview. He’s even a good sport when asked about The Last Guardian, a question he’s probably heartily sick of by now, and sums it up this way:

“Japan Studio, which is developing The Last Guardian, is working on many games, like Puppeteer and Knack, to name just the publicly announced ones, and those games are of higher priority right now.”

Ueda, by the way, is still working on the game as a freelance developer. And it sounds like his pet project is waaaaaaaay at the back of the queue. Since it’s been a while, he’s some video to refresh your memory of what this game is supposed to be:

Keep in mind that that trailer was released four years ago at this point. And there are five games, so far, on Japan Studio’s release schedule. Yeah, somehow we think this will be a launch title for the PS5.

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