CM Punk Responded To Fans Upset Over His ‘EA Sports UFC 2’ Rating With Trademark Grace And Tact

As we recently reported, CM Punk will be a playable fighter in EA Sports UFC 2 despite, y’know, never having an official UFC fight. But hey, Punk’s under contract to UFC, so they can put him in their video game if they want. That’s fair. What’s got some MMA fans’ trunks in a bunch is that the game apparently gives Punk an 85 rating, which sounds like a fairly high number. Right?

I mean, that’s like, a B+! Should Punk get to be a B+ player without even stepping into the Octagon? As is his wont, CM Punk responded to the criticism with quiet dignity and gentle good humor. Haha, just kidding.

Of course, lost in all the online tooth gnashing is the fact that 85 isn’t actually a particularly good rating in EA’s UFC games. If Punk was in the previous UFC title, his 85 would qualify him as one of the worst fighters in the game. The only guy with a lower rating would be Pat Barry. Yeesh. And really, what was EA supposed to do? Give Punk a zero? An “actually a pro wrestler out of 100?”

You kind of have to feel for anybody trying to make a UFC game. It’s just such a fast-moving, unpredictable entity. They put Ronda Rousey on their cover, and next week she’s knocked on her ass. I’m sure pretty much whatever they do with CM Punk will be considered a grave insult to the sport by somebody, so they should just do what they want. Give him the Go To Sleep and a 100 rating and watch the Internet burn.

via Kotaku