‘EA Sports UFC 2’ Features Ronda Rousey As Its Cover Star, Will Let You Create Female Fighters

Last year’s EA Sports UFC was a decent, if somewhat tentative, first step into the Octagon, but things seem to be looking up for this year’s UFC 2. First off, this year’s cover star is somebody you may have heard of – yes, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey will be on this year’s box, because come on, who else was EA going to put on there? Seriously.

Apparently, UFC 2‘s cover is a one-woman show, so Ronda will be sharing space with the shadowy “Mystery Tag Partner” of WWE fame. Rousey commented on being chosen as the UFC 2 spokeswoman…

“As a gamer myself, it’s pretty surreal to be on the cover of the game and to have a woman on the cover of a UFC game shows a lot of progress. I’m really happy to be involved with it.”

But hey, UFC 2 is more than a cover. There’s an actual game inside that box, too, and EA is promising improved physics and grappling this year, and a new “KO mode” that focuses on scoring flashy knockouts. Also, unlike last year, you can create a female fighter and run her through the full career mode.

EA Sports UFC 2 is slated for a spring 2016 release.

(Via GameSpot)