People Just Can’t Stop Making ‘Untitled Goose Game’ Memes

Untitled Goose Game is a delightful hit, and in the process of all that honking and thievery somehow went mainstream. The game in which you play as a goose wreaking havoc on a small town was released in mid September and has slowly taken over the internet.

It’s difficult to explain how weird it is to see random people talking about and buying this game. But just a few days after it was released, the sight of a terrible goose on social media was everywhere. The word of mouth online went from curious gamers giving it a shot to your entire timeline sharing random goose memes and asking how to get “the goose game.” Chrissy Teigen, for example, stumbled upon it and made her husband John Legend buy it for her.

Teigen was playing something else and everyone on Twitter told her to get the game, and she reluctantly did. Then she fell in love with it.

The indie game made by Australian game maker House House has become the latest meme format to pay homage to, well, just about everything. Some of the results are truly amazing.

There are some great Vine references included, too.

There are a lot of other jokes about other video games in there, including a number about another game with a bird in it, the Legend of Zelda.

This one in particular is amazing.

Here’s a lovely little note about a different translation of the game, too.

OK, back to memes. We’ve already talked about how perfect footage of Untitled Goose Game goes with Lizzo’s “Juice,” but when you set it to the true song of the summer from The Righteous Gemstones you really get cooking.

Even European Simpsons fan meme accounts had to get in on the fun.

I mean, come on.

All this hype means there is almost certainly a thirst for more goose content in the future. Which is great news for those who loved the game, which appears to be everyone who has played it.

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