Alan Moore Wants You To Boycott The Rock’s ‘Wretched’ New Movie, ‘Hercules’

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Well, here’s a new feud I didn’t see coming — “The People’s Champ” The Rock vs. “The People’s Crank” Alan Moore.

Moore (Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) tackled Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new movie Hercules in a recent interview, calling it “wretched” and saying he can’t “un-recommend it too highly”, but his opinion isn’t just based on the fact that the film looks generally awful.

This latest version of Hercules is actually based on a graphic novel, Hercules: The Thracian Wars, written by the recently deceased Steve Moore, a longtime friend and mentor to Alan Moore (but no relation). According to Alan, Steve Moore was expecting to get a modest amount of money if The Thracian Wars was ever adapted (around $15,000) but the publisher of the book, Radical Comics, claims that isn’t in his contract and refused to pay up.

“In one of the several newspaper obituaries for Steve that we had over here […] it was saying that it was the money that Steve had received from this Hercules movie that was what had enabled Steve to work upon personal projects […] in the final years of his life. Steve didn’t get a penny from those bastards for the film.”

Moore was also incensed when producers of the film commented on several online Steve Moore obituaries…

“They had not, before Steve’s death, seen fit to mention his involvement with the original story. Like I say, that was his only consolation that his name was not going to be linked to this ignorant dreck. However, after Steve’s death, you could see that someone had thought, ‘Oh, there’ve been a couple of obituaries in the press and there’s quite a lot of talk about this. We could perhaps get some publicity for our film. It’s not like we’re going to have to pay him any money.'”

So, should you boycott Hercules because of Radical Comics/the producers’ treatment of Steve Moore? If that gives you a happy morally superior feeling inside, go for it, but personally I’m boycotting on account of The Rock’s ridiculous wig, because Jesus.



Rock totally has wavy auburn white guy hair, right?

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