‘Big Trouble In Little China’ And Other Comics Of Note, June 4th

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Boom! Studios

The Pork Chop Express returns after far too long away, and this time, Jack Burton is coming to take over comics. A full review of that book, plus looks at comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Boom! Studios and Dynamite.

Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet #1


DC Comics

This book has a great concept that, alas, is wasted by the fact that Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman take their pacing cues from the old series. This feels talky and padded, even if Ty Templeton is enjoying the art considerably, and ultimately not worth a pickup.

Tiny Titans: Return To The Treehouse #1


DC Comics

Art Baltazar and Franco return to, well, what they do best, making short strips for kids. Honestly, this book feels a little too herky-jerky in the pacing to really flow, and that may not hold the attention of kids for 22 pages. But, hey, it’s cute, at least.

The Superannuated Man #1

Screenshot 2014-06-04 at 12.35

Image Comics

You see the name Ted McKeever tied to a comic, you know it’s going to be weird. This is the guy whose last miniseries was about a tiny Jesus. But man, this book, apparently a goof on Kamandi, is weird even for McKeever. Beautiful, poetic, disturbing… but also just plain weird.

Rise of The Magi #1

Screenshot 2014-06-04 at 12.47

Image/Top Cow

You know, you’d think, when you were dumping somebody in an alternate world, you wouldn’t choose a place like Times Square to fetch them up in. Marc Silvestri’s writing is unfortunately not really clever enough to carry the cliches, although Sumeyye Kesgin’s art has a fun sense of whimsy. Read it for the art, if you read it at all.

Big Trouble In Little China #1

big trouble in little china 1

Boom! Studios

Eric Powell of The Goon is unleashed on one of the most beloved movies John Carpenter ever made, and the result is… well, completely insane. And we wouldn’t have it any other way; the tone and flavor of the movie is captured almost perfectly, albeit Brian Churilla’s art takes a little getting used to. And, truthfully, Churilla needs an inker. But with a book this funny, it’s a minor concern: Highly recommended.

Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides #1

Screenshot 2014-06-04 at 12.26


Oh, great, yet another comic book about hot chicks who are also ninjas and sometimes lesbians. If we’ve got to keep putting cheesecake books on the stands, could they at least make some sort of effort to be original?

The Dresden Files: War Cry #1

dresden files war cry 1


Harry Dresden and a bunch of rookie Wardens have to defend a bunch of scholars from a vampire death squad. This particular Dresden comic picks up after the classic Dead Beat, and it’s got all the hallmarks of classic Dresden: An action movie setup with a noir hero who figures out what’s happening with the audience. If you’re still jonesing for more Dresden after finishing off Skin Game, this’ll do the trick.



Dark Horse

It’s taken me a while to chew over this particular book. It’s an interesting mix of New Age spirituality, intrigue, and dystopian science fiction. Honestly, it’s worth reading just for Bruce Zick’s vivid, jagged artwork, but Stuart Moore juggles a lot of elements here in an intelligent, engaging way, and the core concept is quite a lot of fun. Highly recommended, especially if you like your heroics a little more involved than just punch-by-numbers.

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