Funko Buried Charlie Cox In Toy Daredevils For Charity

Funko has made a fortune off the big-headed, beady-eyed Pop dolls that anchor the company’s merch line. You can get them from pretty much any TV show, no matter how obscure, and collectors are constantly looking to add more to their shelves, including the line based off Netflix’s Daredevil. So Charlie Cox, who does quite a bit of work with disabled children, thought he’d ask for a few to hand out at his speaking engagements. Funko came through and then some.

Really, Marvel’s tweet says it all:

In all, Funko sent along 100 Daredevils for Cox to hand out. Cox, who worked so hard on portraying Matt Murdock’s blindness accurately that he blew an audition for Han Solo, has gotten a Helen Keller Achievement Award for his portrayal, and so he does a lot of charity work speaking to kids who deal with blindness. Now, it looks like he’s got a lot of dolls to hand out.

It really can’t be emphasized enough what a big deal this is for kids. Having somebody living with the same issues they deal with on screen is major. Let’s just hope they learn what Matt didn’t about going back to your ex. Really, even if Elektra wasn’t knee-deep in ninjas, come on, Matt, you never go back to the unstable ex.

(Via Comic Book)