Charlie Cox Forgot He Wasn’t Playing Daredevil In His Han Solo Audition

Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio get all the Oscar glory, but plenty of actors subscribe to the Method technique. Like Charlie Cox, for instance. He takes his role on Netflix’s Daredevil, as blind lawyer Matt Murdock by day and blind vigilante Daredevil by night, so seriously that he pretends he can’t see while auditioning for other roles. Even when that role is Han Solo in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s upcoming Han Solo “solo” movie.

Cox told the Hollywood Reporter that he’s enjoyed being in an off-Broadway play, Incognito, because “it’s been really fun to look people in the eye.” After presumably winking at the interviewer, he continued, “I had gone to an audition — one of those things that are super secretive and they don’t tell you, but I’m pretty sure it was for the Han Solo reboot — and halfway through it, the casting director stopped me and said, ‘Why aren’t you looking at me?’ I realized I had gotten into a habit of not making eye contact, because the only thing I had done for two years is play someone who is blind.

“I never got invited back,” Cox added, “probably because they couldn’t figure out why I was acting like a complete idiot.” The part eventually went to Alden Ehrenreich, who nailed the audition, despite not being able to say the lines.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)