Here’s Why Complaining About The Batmobile Having A Gun Is Ridiculous

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09.11.14 28 Comments

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As we all know, Batmobile photos arrived for Batman V. Superman, to much joy. Except for some people. To them, Batman is ruined forever in this movie because the Batmobile has a gun front and center. Which is a valid opinion, of course, but it does miss a few key points, like the fact that you already knew the Batmobile was armed if you’d seen a single piece of Bat-media in the last twenty years.

The Batmobile Has Had Dangerous Weapons For A Long Time

It’s always been justified by saying they fire “tranquilizers” or “rubber bullets,” but the Batmobile has had heavy weaponry for a while. In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, it not only had those, but also artillery, and we’ll remind you Batman was going up against a bunch of half-naked teenagers in a dump in that comic. In The Cult, Batman had a monster truck with a freaking Gatling on the top pumping out “tranquilizer rounds.” In Batman: The Animated Series, which was for kids, he had an entire rack of missiles right behind him. Point is, Batman comes packin’, kids.

The Batmobile’s ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons Will End You

Even when you take his bullets and explosives away, all the “non-lethal” weapons are ridiculously dangerous. Say you’re on the highway, and something completely obscures your vision, like a Bat-smokescreen. Is there any situation in which careening at high speeds in an urban area with no way to see where you’re going isn’t hugely dangerous? Or how about those caltrops? Here’s what happens when a car has a blowout at high speed, if you’re lucky:

Now imagine that, but slamming into a wall.

Batman Drives Like A Maniac

Take away all the weapons, though, and you’re still left with the fact that Batman’s driving a rolling tank powered by a jet thruster. Here’s Batman in the Tumbler, where he runs over a cop car for the hell of it and it just gets worse from there:

While we’re at it, here’s Batman roasting a mook with jet exhaust, right after he throws two guys into a burning building at what looks to be about twenty miles an hour. Thank God he didn’t shoot them, right? Somebody might have gotten hurt.

If I seem just a wee bit tongue-in-cheek here, it’s because it’s getting a little tiring seeing people rag on something before we even see it. Yeah, there’s a gun front and center on the Batmobile. But let’s face it, when it comes to the Batmobile, that’s about the last thing you need to worry about.

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