DC Is Launching A New Series Starring The Lynda Carter Version Of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an icon who’s starred in over 1000 comic books over an illustrious almost 75-year career, but the majority of the general population still knows her best from the Wonder Woman TV series starring Lynda Carter, which aired for three season from 1975 – ’79.

Well, this weekend at the New York Comic Con, DC announced they’d be following up their well-received Batman ’66 series with a new comic based on the ’70s Wonder Woman TV series. The new comic will be written by Marc Andreyko and feature covers by Nicola Scott. No word yet on who will be doing the interior art.

Here’s the first cover for Wonder Woman ’77

Hmmm, while doing comics based on the Wonder Woman TV series as a follow-up to the Batman ’66 comics sounds like a great idea in theory, I have some worries. One, Marc Andreyko is a super hit-and-miss writer. I liked this Manhunter work, but everything else he’s done has been pretty awful. Second, the Wonder Woman TV show wasn’t really any good. People watched it for Lynda Carter’s ability to fill out an American flag and that’s about it. So I dunno, but hey, that first cover is certainly amazing — I’m willing to give it a shot.

Via The Hollywood Reporter