Chris Evans Loved The Foul-Mouthed ‘Deadpool,’ Much To Robert Downey Jr.’s Amusement

Deadpool continues to slay all box-office competitors after the biggest R-rated opening weekend ever, and much of the project’s success lands with Ryan Reynolds‘ eagerness to embody the titular character. When someone adores their work as much as Reynolds did with this film, their energy is infectious, and that happiness transfers to the audience. If you haven’t seen the film yet, well, you may be alone, and Reynolds will work his hardest to bend your will. Hell, even some superheroes have seen the movie — specifically, the Marvel variety — and they loved the movie too. Good ol’ Captain America himself, Chris Evans, tweeted his approval.

In response, Reynolds (and perhaps Deadpool) was easily swayed to Cap’s side in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film.

This caused quite a ripple on Team Iron Man, which resulted in a Julius Caesar reference from Robert Downey Jr., who also suggested the loyalty wouldn’t last once the Cap suit took over Evans’ consciousness again.

RDJ has a point. Cap cannot handle any crude “language” whatsoever.

The war of words continued with Reynolds admitting he’s not to be trusted.

Finally, Evans ‘fessed up to loving the Deadpool’s foul mouth more than any other part of the film. Just don’t tell his mom, okay?

Someone’s exaggerating for effect. Evans once admitted rushing home and spilling to mom after losing his virginity, so something tells me that Mrs. Evans wouldn’t be too shocked by her son loving Deadpool.

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