‘Deadpool’ Addressing Why He Won’t Do ‘SNL’ Is A Stroke Of Genius By Ryan Reynolds

Taking a cue from Kanye West, Ryan Reynolds released a video addressing why Deadpool won’t be doing SNL. This despite a very popular petition that seeks to have the R-Rated comic book superstar host the long running NBC comedy show.

Reynolds video is basically an extended bonus for fans of the film, copying West’s leaked outburst from his SNL performance. He puts Rip Taylor in his place, threatens to break the Internet and lists a far more impressive list of famous people and things that he is more influential than. This includes Barbara Bush, The Muppets, the KIA Sorrento, shredded cheese, and yes, Wolverine.

There’s been a lot of tie-in promotional material related to Deadpool at this point, but this might be the best. Even if the chances of the character hosting the show are slim, we might get Ryan Reynolds out of this. And even then, this is fine. We don’t need it and have gotten our money’s worth with this clip. Besides, Deadpool hosting SNL might be difficult to enjoy once he starts shooting and maiming the cast.

Still, this is beautiful and we should cherish this moment. It’s going to be ruined by Hollywood eventually.

(Via Ryan Reynolds)

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