‘Doom’s’ Soundtrack Follows In The Grand Tradition Of Hidden Satanic Messages

05.29.16 2 years ago 6 Comments


Satanic messages being hidden inside of music is nothing new. In fact, it’s kind of old hat, but for a time it was something that captivated listeners and forced them to play their records in reverse searching for crazy, hidden messages telling them to serve Satan. After the whole Satanic messages played in reverse bit became popular thanks to The Exorcist, it became a practice that drove fans to obsessively comb through their favorite music to discover hidden messages. The new Doom game has a lot of Easter eggs hidden within, and Satanic content is sort of what the game is all about, but that didn’t stop them from hiding messages in their music, an ode to Satanic messages of the past.

So while metal bands dabbled in Satanic imagery on the surface, there were also bands that hid their messages via “backmasking” thanks to The Exorcist.  For example, Norweigan black metal act Darkthrone didn’t really need to hide their Satanic, pro-church burning messages. In fact, they were rather up front about those messages, but that didn’t stop them from doing it anyway.

People have been wondering for years if the message hidden in Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven was intentional or not, but c’mon, that band openly talked about dabbling in the occult. That was a part of their image.

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