Exclusive Preview: ‘F.B.P.’ #2

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08.23.13 2 Comments


The Vertigo book Collider has changed its name to F.B.P., but it’s still the same smart, sharp book that was introduced to us last month. Inside, an exclusive preview of the next issue.

For those who haven’t been following, F.B.P. stands for “Federal Bureau of Physics.” In the near future, physics starts to go wonky, leading to everything from unstable copies of locations to gravity suddenly deciding to take a holiday in specific places to, well, stuff that’s a lot worse. Hence, it’s up to the working stiffs and physicists of the F.B.P. to clean up physics threats to the American public.

Written by Simon Oliver and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez, Collider is the kind of book that Vertigo built a name on publishing. Oliver’s ideas about how physics can go wrong are highly entertaining, but he’s also got an eye for office tensions and an ear for how working stiffs talk. Rodriguez, meanwhile, puts his unique personal style to good use on the story, meaning we’ll got an SF book unlike anything else on the stands. Have a look…







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