Experience Monster Hunting From Every Perspective In This Interactive ‘Evolve’ Trailer

04.24.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Turtle Rock Studios/2K Games

For those not up to speed, Evolve is the latest game from the makers of Left 4 Dead. This time around you can play as group of four hunters stalking alien prey, or as the massive alien they’re after. The humans come in four classes (Trapper, Assault, Support and Medic) and the aliens come in one type (big, mean and ugly).

So, how does the experience differ between the four human classes and the alien? Well, the latest Evolve “trailer” answers exactly that. Basically, the video below lets you watch a 10-minute or so Evolve match through multiple perspectives. It adds up to nearly an hour of footage in total, so let’s quit talkin’ and get watchin’…

Yeah, I see a few friendships ending due to arguments over who gets to be the alien. Of the human classes, I dunno, I guess I’d go with Assault, because I’m not good at strategy.

via Kotaku

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