‘Fallout 5’ Is Already Gearing Up For Development According To A Loose-Lipped Voice Actor

Fans of Bethesda RPGs are accustomed to long waits between games. Sometimes very long waits. It took Bethesda seven years to develop Fallout 4 (although we did get spin-off Fallout: New Vegas in the interim) and it typically takes four or five years for the company to create a new Elder Scrolls game. Most gamers have accepted the fact they probably won’t get another Fallout until around 2020 with quiet resignation.

But wait, could fans be returning to the wasteland sooner? A slip of the keyboard by one Fallout voice actor indicates that may be the case. Ryan Alosio, who voiced Deacon in Fallout 4, recently let slip some information about Fallout 5 on Instagram while thanking a follower for a shout out. Here’s what Alosio had to say…

“I appreciate that, it would be very helpful to gather more followers for the fantastic Fallout 4 tribe here, internally there is movement gearing up for the pre-production of Fallout 5…(shhh), obviously I can’t get into any details at all right now but it will be a very interesting journey moving forward. [thumbs up]”

Alosio quickly deleted the message, but a fan managed to grab a screenshot.

So, Fallout 5 production may already be ramping up. That may sound quick, but Fallout 4 is on track to be Bethesda’s most successful game ever, and all the DLC the company is promising for the game would seem to indicate the production problems the Fallout team had in the past have been fixed – it would make sense for them to shoot for a quick sequel using the Fallout 4 engine.

Of course, just because they’re starting on Fallout 5 now, doesn’t mean we’ll be getting the game next year. Fallout games are huge, and they could run into new issues. Still, I have a feeling we won’t be waiting another seven years for the next numbered Fallout.

What about you folks? Do you think we’ll be getting Fallout 5 sooner we expected? Think it’s a good idea to rush straight into a sequel? Explore your dialogue options below.

via Frag Hero