GammaSquad Review: ‘Armikrog’ Is Homey, Handcrafted And A Bit Rough Around The Edges

10.14.15 4 years ago

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Recently, the point-and-click adventure game, the most ’90s of genres, has made a bit of a comeback. Unfortunately, while games like Broken Age and Telltale’s episodic output deliver the old-school adventure game mechanics, they don’t necessarily capture the ’90s spirit. Well, that can’t be said of Armikrog. Developed by Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel and the team responsible for claymation classics The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys, Armikrog is as ’90s as sh*t.

Of course, not everything from the ’90s has aged particularly well. Is Armikrog a Plasticine blast from the past, or should it be relegated to the ’90s dustbin along with neon shorts and snap bracelets?

Armikrog (PC, Mac & Linux)

Artistic Achievement

In Armikrog, you play as the distinctly Earthworm Jim-like Tommynaut and his sassy talking dog, Beak-Beak (if this game actually was made in the ’90s, Beak-Beak would have been chomping a cigar in between one-liners). They crash on an alien planet, and end up trapped in a fortress of sorts called Armikrog. At first, your goals are kept pretty vague. Are you trying to escape Armikrog? Did you come there looking for something? At one point, you start carrying around a mysterious baby. It’s all a bit baffling.

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