GammaSquad Review Guidelines

We’re revamping our video game reviews here at GammaSquad, with an eye towards creating unique reviews that will actually help you, the busy adult gamer, with your buying decisions. Instead of relying on the same old rote categories most websites use (graphics, gameplay, replay ect.) GammaSquad reviews will focus on what actually matters to the average gamer. Here’s how each of our reviews will be broken down.

Artistic Achievement – Graphics, music, story. How well does the game build its world and present itself to the player?
Innovation – Does the game bring any new ideas or mechanics to the table?
Execution – If a game does rely on established mechanics, does it at least advance them or improve them in some way? Do the game’s new mechanics actually work, or are they just innovation for innovation’s sake?
Staying Power – More than just how many hours it will take to reach the end credits. Will the game stick with you? Will you want to master it or pick it up again in the future?
Bullsh*t Factor – Just how much modern gaming crap will this title force you to put up with? Excessive amounts of DLC, out of control glitches, broken online modes, it all gets taken to task here.

Rather than awarding a game a meaningless numerical or star rating, we’re going to give you one of three easy to understand recommendations…

Don’t Waste Your Time
Worth a Chance
Clear Your Calendar