GammaSquad Review: ‘Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water’ Is A Slice Of Old-School Survival Horror

10.28.15 4 years ago

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During the late ’90s and early 2000s, the survival-horror genre ruled the gaming landscape. This gory golden age was dominated by your Resident Evils and Silent Hills, but close on their heels was Tecmo’s ghost-hunting series Fatal Frame. Unfortunately for American gamers, Nintendo bought the rights to the Fatal Frame franchise in the mid-2000s, and for nearly a decade declined to bring any new entries in the series westward. Many feared the chances of another Fatal Frame ever coming out in America were stone dead.

Well, it turns out fans a shade too pessimistic, as Nintendo has released Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water as a download-exclusive title for the Wii U. Between its mature themes, and extensive use of the GamePad, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water would seem to be exactly the kind of game the Wii U desperately needs, but is the series clinging too closely to its past?

Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water (Wii U)

Artistic Achievement

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is a dark game. Not just for a Nintendo-published title, but by survival horror standards in general. Compared to this game, The Last of Us is a lighthearted romp for the whole family. Fatal Frame: MoBW deals with suicide, and I mean deals with it. You will see numerous people kill themselves or attempt to kill themselves throughout this game, and everything just feels smothered in a deep, dark blanket of depression and dread. Yeah. If you’re feeling down, I honestly suggest you steer clear of this game.

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