Watch Jada Pinkett Smith Kick Some Ass In One Of The Two New TV Spots For ‘Gotham’

Senior Contributor
07.11.14 3 Comments

We’re kicking off the post with this spot from Gotham because it has the truly hilarious tagline of “The Origin Stories Begin.” Er, well, yeah, we’d hope so. It’d be a shame to have an origin story that just ended right away. That wouldn’t really be an origin story. We guess it’d be a destination story.

Teasing aside, it does look pretty good, at least, and there’s a little more new footage in the second spot, including a hooded executioner and Jada Pinkett Smith handing out a beating. Although they really needed to dub Bruce Wayne’s scream of rage; come on, nobody’s scared of a shrieking little kid.

Also, our theory of a Monday night genre block on Fox is coming true: Gotham will debut September 22nd, along with Sleepy Hollow. It’ll be an interesting pairing, especially considering Sleepy Hollow has had a tendency to chew through lead-ins. Hey, maybe there can be a crossover! We can see it now: “Mr. Wayne, I neither appreciate nor comprehend why you use these ridiculous themed throwing weapons. Would not a musket be more efficient?” Boom, all the ratings. You’re welcome, Fox.

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