Irony Alert: Car-Triggered Climate Change Trashing Roads

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07.24.12 4 Comments

Infrastructure is a tough topic in American politics and around the world, for the simple reason that everybody wants bright, gleaming, perfect roads… but nobody actually wants to pay for them. Usually the kind of people demanding that somebody, just not them, pay for the roads is the kind of person driving a land tanker that slurps gas and farts out greenhouse gases, and guffaws that science is for homos when you mention the words global warming.

Turns out this stereotype isn’t just an annoying douche, he’s actually pitching in to help trash the roads.

How? Well, as we all know, climate change means extreme weather: derechoes, hurricanes, floods, all those fun things that force you to relocate.

These are also the fun things that trash roads, distort rail lines, and cause massive flight delays, traffic jams, and other problems.

The easy way to stop this is to make that guy with the massive SUV pay for it through carbon pricing and other methods. You get one guess how politically popular raising the price of gas is.

image courtesy clickclique on Flickr

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