Mark Millar Has No Bloody Idea How Colin Firth Will Fit Into The Sequel For ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’

Kingsman: The Secret Service seemed to come out of nowhere and kick the box office in the balls when it hit theaters last year. Matthew Vaughn’s insanely fun film blended over-the-top violence with raunchy humor to give a different take on the spy genre in a similar way the director disrupted the superhero movie genre with Kick-Ass. We reported to you back in June that Mark Millar — the creator of the comic book that inspired the movie — is writing up a sequel to the 2014 hit.


Millar recently spoke with IGN and explained the difficulty in bringing Galahad back from the dead in the new film’s story. It’s apparently a huge concern for everyone involved in the project who all agree Colin Firth should return as his performance played a major role in helping to make the first film so successful:

That’s the conversation everyone’s having right now, because part of what made that movie work is Colin. Colin’s fantastic, it was a two-hander, that film. You also want to have the integrity of the story, so if you are bringing him back, it has to make sense. That’s where it is at the moment. Beats of the story have been done. [Screenplay co-writers] Matthew [Vaughn] and Jane [Goldman] are working on it at the moment. Some things have to be worked out, some decisions have still to be made and everything, so it’s all fairly amorphous, but all going well.

It’s still early on in the story process, giving Millar and team enough time to truly figure out how bringing Firth back to that world would make sense. The writer went on to give some possibilities in which Colin Firth could return, including donning a mustache as “an evil brother” or just flat out showing up as a ghost, but my money (and hopes) is that Firth returns in a bad guy role to further challenge Eggsy (Taron Egerton). Sure, that’d play off a familiar James Bond-ian trope, but a twist like that could also prove to be equally compelling and funny.

The story process aside, there’s also the issue of scheduling as Matthew Vaughn is still directing that Flash Gordon remake and, who knows, Colin Firth may not even want to return for the project. There’s still some time to iron out all these wrinkles as Kingsman 2 isn’t set to  hit theaters until sometime in 2017.

(Via IGN)