Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Wanders Into The ‘Blast Radius’ Tonight

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01.15.14 201 Comments

arrow blast radius

Yes, the superhero show the Internet loves and the rest of the viewing audience kinda ignores is back! And man, have we ever missed Arrow. Below, a recap of the first half of the season, and what to expect tonight.

When we last left our beloved heroes (and Laurel and Thea):

  • Ollie finally got a damn mask, courtesy of Barry Allen.
  • Felicity had spent most of the last two episodes getting beaver dammed by Ollie after he basically told her he didn’t want to sleep with her, because Ollie’s kind of an ass.
  • Roy managed to survive being injected with Venom, which turns out to have been derived from Slade Wilson’s blood.
  • Speaking of which, Brother Blood is Slade Wilson’s subordinate, and Slade Wilson is still alive, in Starling City, and angry at Ollie.
  • Black Canary is still out there.
  • Oh, and did we mention that the League of Assassins has not forgotten Ollie, either? And that Malcolm Merlyn, the big bad of last season, is still alive and wants Thea, who is his biological daughter?

As for the mid-season premiere, it’s yet again a reinvention of a bottom-tier DC villain, this time Shrapnel. In the comics, he’s a walking pile of metal who always seems to forget his weakness is magnets. Here, he’s a guy who blows people up. Somehow we think that’s an upgrade. Here’s a trailer!

The liveblog shenanigans start at 8pm EST. Join us, won’t you?

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