‘Prometheus 2’ Is Delaying Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ Movie

Of the two movies, Neill Blomkamp’s take on Alien has considerably more fan excitement around it than a followup to Prometheus, a movie which was kind of like a sausage of the other Alien movies, putting great disturbing moments cheek and jowl with stupid, stupid moments. Unfortunately, Fox wants the latter more than the former.

The issue appears to be that Prometheus 2 is a far different movie, according to Deadline. Originally, we were going to follow Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender’s head as they went on wacky adventures, but that’s been set aside in favor of having a Xenomorph eat some more scientists. Another issue might simply be Scott’s timeline was always overly ambitious; he was talking like he wanted the movie out this time next year, and he hadn’t even started shooting yet.

Still, if Fox is smart, they’ll cut a deal with Scott and let Blomkamp get to work. Blomkamp has his faults as a director, but the chilly horror of the Alien series is perfect for his sensibilities. There is also the fact that Blomkamp always delivers at least a fun movie, which Scott… well, look at his track record over the last decade. Maybe look closely at these dice before rolling them, Fox.

(Via Deadline)