The Nerf Rival Khaos Is A Full-Auto Nerf Gun That Fires At 68 MPH

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02.17.16 3 Comments

If you only remember Nerf from squishy footballs and those hand-powered ball cannons from the ’80s, things have changed in the foam rubber projectile industry. Today’s kids must crush their enemies on the playground or, rather, Nerf’s adult audience must have more and more power. Hence, the Nerf Rival Khaos is a thing.

Nerf has been topping itself every year with new toys for a while, driven in part by the fact that a surprising number of grown adults enjoy pelting each other with Nerf. It’s to the point where Nerf is competing a bit with Airsoft in the “grown men running around in the woods shooting pellets at each other” industry. And there’s no better sign of this than this new Nerf gun, an upgrade of the Nerf Rival Zeus. It’s got a 40-ball clip, a battery-powered conveyor belt and flywheel construction to peg balls at your foes, and a fully automatic design. And yes, it can fire the balls at 68 mph. Any ’90s superhero outfit you might want to wear to go with your oversized gun, you’ll have to provide yourself.

If you were looking to buy one to terrorize the office, the KHAOS is priced at $70. At least until you start chewing through C batteries, then it’s going to cost you big time. Expect it on shelves this fall, unless you’re going to college in Texas. You’re not allowed Nerf guns on campus, so you’ll just have to settle for a Glock.

(Via Time)

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