‘Pokemon Go’ Got Its First Update And Everything Is So Much Smoother

07.12.16 2 years ago 3 Comments


Pokemon Go has been a fantastic and frustrating ride thus far. There’s nothing quite like walking to a hotbed of lures where dozens of smiling faces beam at the rare Pokémon they’re collecting, while your server is down, you can’t load in, or your GPS signal is lost. I’ve been partnering up with a few people to take over the Gyms in my neighborhood, and rarely do we ever have the app running at the same time. It’s a 21st-century heartbreak is what it is.

Thankfully, many of our worries, including Pokemon Go‘s need to access your personal data, have been cleared up in the latest 1.01 patch. Niantic’s first patch for the mega-popular augmented reality game has made the game far more stable, with load times shortened and various ease-of-use fixes which will help make our trainer lives that much easier. Even with the crashes being fixed, Niantic has made it so users won’t have to be constantly logging in, with information being saved by the app. And if you were still sketched out on using your Gmail account, now you can log in via your Pokemon Trainer Club account if you have one.


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